We work with our partners to enhance SME productivity and profitability by helping them modernize their business processes, improve management practices, and apply innovative solutions. We seek to facilitate access to new markets and strengthen the image of Serbia as a destination for doing business and investing. We help SMEs better utilize available financial services and mobilize major public, private, and other investment funding. We pay particular attention to access to finance by small producers in underdeveloped areas that are the backbone of Serbian agriculture.


We partner with SMEs to identify and recognize all innovative and creative solutions that can promote improvements in advanced technologies, smart specialization, digitalization, and the green economy. We help SMEs add value to their products by using innovative technologies and building capacity to integrate with global supply chains, including responding to increasing demands for energy and production efficiency. One of our specific areas of interest is using innovative entrepreneurial solutions to mitigate the impact of climate change.


We support and enhance links between business and academia at all levels to improve SMEs’ technical, organizational, and market-related skills, making them readier to respond to growing global challenges such as climate change, workforce issues, and market trends. We help strengthen the labor market by working with partners to broaden the range of opportunities available to women, young people, and other marginalized groups.

Big Small Businesses Project

We work with our partners to initiate and popularize innovative activities aimed at helping Serbian small and medium-sized enterprises grow in the two focus sectors of agriculture and food and machines and equipment. We find sustainable solutions in digitalization and the green economy while placing emphasis on empowering women and young people and supporting underdeveloped regions.