Big Steps for Small Producers – expanding opportunities for local suppliers

The first producers listed their food products thanks to the “VelikiMali” activity and entered the markets of Belgrade and Novi Sad.

Even though small-scale, rural producers in Serbia offer high-quality, in-demand domestic products, many of them face strong competition, financial constraints, lack of recognition, and limited access to traditional distribution channels. To address these challenges, The Big Small Businesses Project recently partnered with Wolt, creator of Wolt Market, an online delivery platform for food and merchandise throughout Europe and Asia. Using Wolt Market’s well-established online distribution channels, small-scale producers will be able to reach larger markets at a minimum cost.

The partnership, known as the “velikiMALI” (bigSMALL) activity, aims to establish partnerships with small-scale local producers from rural and underdeveloped regions across central, south, east, and west Serbia, particularly young aspiring entrepreneurs and women in business that produce a range of products, including fresh and packaged foods and non-food items. Producers who meet the defined criteria will have the chance to be listed on Wolt Market for free, offering quick expansion into the Belgrade and Novi Sad markets. Participating producers will also receive comprehensive marketing support. This activity will enable participants to leverage e-commerce and increase their presence in the digital market.

Information sessions and individual meetings with interested parties were held in Novi Pazar, Krusevac, Leskovac, and Zajecar to explain collaboration requirements. Wolt Market representatives held one-on-one meetings with around 70 producers during these events, and the initial results are here. The first four local producers listed are from Novi Pazar, Knjaževac, Užice, and Prijepolje, and 48 items are already available on the Wolt Market application.

All interested producers can apply through: